You will find links on information about beach tents, beach shelters, skin cancer information and advice.

The World Health Organization

The WHO provides an interesting article on ultra violet radiation (UVR), click here to view the article.

Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA)

Contains information on the harmful effects of the big orange thing, click here to view this site.

The UK Health Protection Agency

The HPA had a guide, a really good one but it has been moved. We will find the new UK department in due course as we are sure there will be some very good information on "sunsense" in it.

The Cancer Research UK Organisiation

Cancer Research has some excellent information, click here to view. 

The Cancer Council in the UK

The Cancer council has issued an update for Cancer trends in the UK. Most alarmingly is the incident rise in malignent malanoma, a 43% (56% in men) increase in the last 10 years which is alarmingly high. click here to see the report.  


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