How many different configurations can Beachshadow be set up in?

We don’t know. So far we have found through using a combination of poles, 8 different configurations. If you include the windbreak and adding another Beachshadow that would make a total of 11 configurations. We have a few pictures of different configurations on our technical page or just click here to have a look, you may find more?

How long does it take to set up and dismantle a Beachshadow?

Setting up is easy. We've come up with a solution that we think is best and that will take two people about 4-5 minutes the first time you try. Subsequently it will be less and after about four times, a couple who do not argue too much should be able to set it up in around 2 minutes. You can set it up by yourself but allow around 3-4 minutes. Dismantling is easy, just pull it to bits as it makes no difference how you dismantle it. You can see a brief video showing a method of setting up Beachshadow, just cclick here.

Does Beachshadow offer total protection from ultra violet radiation?

No. To see a quick video using a UV monitor under Beachshadow, click here. The harmful UVR rays can still be reflected off surfaces such as sand, sea and land. Therefore Beachshadow should not be used as the sole form of protection from UVR.

I want to use Beachshadow to advertise my company and brand, can this be done and at what cost?

Yes, at Beachshadow we can print anything onto the material and guarantee that it will meet the strict UPF+50 requirements of all the standards we use. A small print run is more expensive than a large run due to the amount of fixed costs associated with making the screens for printing, also the more colours you use the greater the cost.

How long will my Beachshadow last?

We would hope that it would last for ever but there is natural wear and tear that means parts will eventually have to be replaced, which is why the main components are available for purchase on the website.

The kids spilt ice cream all over the cover, can it be washed?

Yes, try wiping the muck off with a damp cloth, if this does not work, put it through the washing machine at a low temperature (minus the kids !) and it should come out looking brand new. 

Is Beachshadow waterproof?

Yes. It uses a similar material to rain umbrellas with the addition of the material that offers maximum UVR protection, therefore it should be able to withstand a torrential downpour. Beachshadow has been tested in heavy rain without springing a leak.

How tall is it?

Beachshadow comes with 8 vertical support posts which can be used in different configurations. Using 2 poles per corner on a beach will mean that is stands approximately 130 cm tall and on hard ground around 132 cm tall. If you purchase an additional set of four poles you will get a height of approximately 197 cm on sand and 199 cm on hard ground but this configuration is only viable if there is no wind. 

I can get a cheaper umbrella or cabana, why should I purchase a Beachshadow?

Beachshadow is constructed out of quality products: the poles are stronger than cheaper materials available, the peg is specifically designed for Beachshadow and therefore, we believe, much stronger in sand than any other peg we’ve seen. Set up properly, it can withstand a lot more wind than competing products and the covers are guaranteed to meet the strict UPF+50 requirements of the Australian/New Zealand and British standards. Coupled with this, the material is double stitched to give added strength… you get what you pay for. 

Won’t the material rip due to fatigue in the wind?

The fabric has been double stitched from corner to corner which ensures that the potential area of weakness, the corners, has been eliminated.

How much wind can Beachshadow take?

This depends on the density of the sand as it is the ability for the guy line to be secured so that it can anchor the cover to the ground. Beachshadow can withstand more wind than cabanas and umbrellas when set up in the following configuration; "we changed the setup once it got over  a normal sea breeze, we did not use the central support, removed the out of wind poles and pulled the out of wind guy lines down to make the cover into an aerofoil shape, it's easier to do it than explain it, click here for a link to a few photos. Through testing we found Beachshsadow can handle up to 20 knots of wind but we made sure the pegs were well secured in the sand. Over this speed it was not pleasant sitting on the beach as sand was blowing into our faces so we went and had a beer instead !" 

I don’t want to use a credit card over the internet to purchase a Beachshadow, what other methods are available for me to purchase from the website?

You can pay by cheque. If you e mail us at  contact us on this website. Telling us what you would like to buy, we can advise you how much this will cost and where to send a cheque to. Please be aware that this may take longer as we will need to wait for the cheque to clear before despatching your goods.


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