Repairing broken shock cord

If you can, heat up the end caps in some hot water,

get a single pole and place it in the hole

Holding either side of the pole as shown, pull the

end cap of the centre section pole

Tie a knot in one end of the replacement shock


Place some tape around the other end of the shock

cord to remove the fraying and insert into the pole

for the centre section

Continue to thread through 2 poles, the centre

section then in reverse order anothe two poles

Pull the cord fairly tightly, but if you are a body 

builder, take it easy as it is only shock cord 

Best get someone to hold tension on the shock cord

as above and tie a knot into the shock cord then cut

the cord and allow to disappear into the pole

Best to heat the end cap and placing a cloth on a

bench, press the pole firmly into the warm end cap.

If it does not remain in place, consider using a small

amount of glue or distort the pole itself slighly

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