Setting up Beachshadow

Assembling a Beachshadow could not be easier and once you have done it for the first time then you'll find your own way of doing it in different beach, weather and ground conditions. Here is a short video showing it being assembled as per the standard instructions in the booklet you get with the kit. As they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words"

You can also click here to see some instructions on setting up a Beachshadow

Take out all the poles

Take the centre elasticated section and

allow the poles to slot into the centre to

produce the roof structure

Place roof structure where you want to

have the beachshadow located

Place two vertical poles next to the end

of the roof section on each corner

Lift the roof section and noting the

direction of the arrows on the end caps,

place on the vertical poles

Place a guideline at the end of each


Place the cover corner eyelets over

the vertical poles and secure by the


In stronger winds either loop the guideline

over the vertical pole or loop around the

vertical pole itself beneath the cover before

tightening the guideline

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